In addition, the upper and lower jaws of the puffin are joined

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In addition, the upper and lower jaws of the puffin are joined

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It changes people. That had to be difficult to speak to parent after parent who have lost children that way. Bless you for writing it, for forging on to tell their stories.. Here at Berkeley, we pretty notorious for our firsts: the Free Speech Movement, the longest urban tree sit in history, splitting the atom, wholesalejerseyslan Dumpster Muffin. But the book has an impressive list of Berkeley firsts that you may not know about: we the first city to divest from South Africa, to create a citizen police review panel and a tool lending library, to provide curbside recycling, to ban Styrofoam, to install curb cuts for people in wheelchairs and we the first university to come up with nuclear medicine and the wetsuit. Yep, it all came from Berkeley.

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