Anderson Cooper, her CNN co host for the New Year Eve show,

Still great numbers, don get me wrong, but it not really
27 de dezembro de 2014
Linebacker Doug Rippy was pleased
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Anderson Cooper, her CNN co host for the New Year Eve show,

I not a native speaker of English (numerous proofs in my post history if you want), but I speak it reasonably well (be the judge of that yourself). A mistake like you attributing to me here is very typical for native speakers, but ask any other non native speaker who has a decent grasp on the language, and they all confirm to you that a mistake like that would be very odd for a non native. Misplacing an apostrophe like that is basically a mistake a first month student would make..

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I loved it, Wynter says. Sorry, but I hate the Ducks. Home, with its interior walls painted in the blue and gold colors of the Predators and a room decorated with memorabilia, is located at a trailer park in what she describes as a not so nice part of Music City.

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